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OSASEN presents OSAXYL, the first POINT OF CARE (PoC) device of the company, at the National Congress on Digestive Diseases in Valencia

OSASEN Sensores participated in the LXXVII National Congress of the Spanish Digestive Pathology Society (SDPS) in the framework of the Week of Digestive Diseases, held in Valencia from 21 to 23 June. The ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality in 2018 has recognised this event as health interest, reinforcing its relevance.

This participation allowed OSASEN to make the first presentation of its new product OSAXYL, a Point of Care (PoC) system for the detection of xylose in urine, in a fast, easy to use, non-invasive and economical way, which has already been validated internally, guaranteeing its high level of precision and reliability. OSAXYL will improve the health and quality of life for people with lactose intolerance, allowing a comfortable, quick and easy diagnosis, as well as a reduction in health care costs.

The reception of OSAXYL at the SDPS Congress has been very positive, generating interesting expectations among professionals in the field of digestive diseases. OSASEN offers fast and reliable PoC solutions for the monitoring and detection of parameters of interest that help to make effective decisions in the diagnosis, prevention and monitoring of health. For this reason, the recognition of their products by medical experts confirms its mission and encourages the further development of new solutions that solve real problems in the health sector.

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